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Family Law

Decades of Experience on Your Side!

If you have a family law case that needs to be resolved, we at Plog & Stein, P.C. understand that you are probably feeling many mixed emotions. It is perfectly normal to feel afraid or anxious regarding what lies ahead for you and your family. Fortunately, our Denver family law attorneys have decades of experience helping clients in the same position you’re in now.  Beyond seeking the best possible outcome for you in your case, we also aim to provide you with peace of mind that comes with knowing you are well represented by a skilled attorney who cares.

Our firm’s experienced and knowledgeable legal team wishes to help you smoothly transition into the next chapter of your life with everything that you need to be successful. No matter how complex your situation you may seem, we feel confident in our abilities to assist you.

We handle the following kinds of family law cases:

We can also assist you with matters involving grandparent rights, division of complex marital estates (including business valuation), dissolution of civil unions, paternity cases under C.R.S. Title 19, and unbundled legal services. Whether your case is settled or taken to trial, we will do everything within our reach to help you obtain the most positive result possible. The family law attorneys at our Denver firm will safeguard your rights and interests throughout your case.

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Core Values Built On Honesty, Strategy & Logic

We take great pride in handling family law issues in an honest and logical manner. We believe that this approach allows us to ensure that the needs of our clients are met in the most effective manner feasible. It also allows us to formulate effective strategies to help you, the client. Serving people throughout the Denver area, our family law lawyers attorneys are especially aware of how the divorce process can turn contentious in and out of the courtroom. By keeping our clients informed of realistic outcomes and the overall process, we can help them avoid making rash decisions they may regret in the future.

Whatever situation you’re in, chances are we’ve seen it before.  Over many years of serving family law clients, we’ve dealt with the whole spectrum of complex financial and child custody situations to simple divorces.   Each case is unique and your objectives matter to us.   Finishing your divorce or child custody case may only be the beginning of a process that may require further legal assistance for years to come.  Our firm of professionals has the tools to work towards meeting them in a professional and efficient manner, whether in the courtroom or through settlement negotiations.  Given that not everyone is seeking full-service representation in a court case, we are also able to provide an array of services, including unbundles services, such as paid consultation and advice, drafting of documents, and more.

Learn more about the options available to you on our Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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If you are ready to proceed with your family law matter, we are ready and willing to assist you with your potentially life-changing decision. After carefully assessing all the details pertaining to your case, we will craft a strategy that is results-driven and personalized. With the help of a Denver family law lawyer from our firm, you can feel hopeful about the future once again.

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