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Denver High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

Denver High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer When one or both spouses have a high net worth, their divorce may be especially complex and challenging. High net worth divorces typically involve assets of significant value, as well as assets that are not always easily valued or divided between the spouses. Many high net worth divorces require evaluations and testimony from experts. If not handled correctly, the outcome of a high net worth divorce may be disastrous. At Plog & Stein, P.C., our Denver high net worth divorce lawyers can help protect your interests during the division of valuable assets and throughout the divorce process. Serving family law clients throughout the Denver area and Colorado since 1999, we understand what’s needed to effectively advocate for you, the client.

Seeking a High Net Worth Divorce

In a Colorado divorce case, the division of assets and debts must be equitable, or fair. It will not always be equal, though equal is generally the norm. If the parties cannot agree on how to divide the marital estate, the decision as to what is fair will ultimately be made by the judge. With high net worth cases, the marital estate can entail much more than just the marital home and a retirement account. Often, our attorneys may see stock accounts, stock options, trusts, inheritance proceeds, multiple real estate holdings, business interests, and various other assets, some of which may produce income. Likewise, in most high dollar cases, one spouse or the other will have significant income, whether through employment or otherwise. As such, alimony issues will most certainly arise.

Given the potential array of assets, there may be a need to have multiple experts, such as appraisers, tax experts, business valuators, or even forensic accountants, should issues arise regarding hidden assets or income. Our attorneys are skilled in working with these experts to prove and present your case for negotiations or trial. Often, there is also a need to issue complex discovery designed to obtain additional information regarding a party’s finances. Regardless of the assets held or the form they come in, the legal fundamentals for property division remain the same.

Once the marital estate is determined, the high net worth divorce attorneys at our Denver firm work with their clients to help them formulate realistic and advantageous strategies for dividing the marital property. It should be noted that not all assets are alike and some come with different levels of liquidity or transferability. With any of these complexities, detail matters.

Sometimes, high net worth divorces are acrimonious, but spouses want to protect their financial privacy and may choose to settle their differences via private arbitration, as opposed to litigating in court. Whatever your situation, the experienced family law attorneys in Denver at Plog & Stein, P.C. are ready to help protect your interests, preserve your wealth as much as is possible, and minimize your risk.

When dealing with high net worth divorce cases, there is likely going to also be debate regarding the issue of alimony (maintenance).  Significant assets are generally are often accumulated via at least one spouse earning significant income.  It’s quite common to see cases in which one spouse is the earner while the other maintains the home, children, and other personal aspects of the marriage.  In these situations, courts are sensitive to the roles each party played and the financial dependence one spouse may have had on the other.  As a spouse is not required to deplete his or her share of marital assets to meet their reasonable financial needs, our Denver divorce attorneys are prepared to also deal with the alimony issues that will likely arise, regardless of which side of the equation you may be on.

Discuss Your Needs with a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Denver

High net worth divorces require a particularly high degree of care and special skills. At Plog & Stein, our Denver high net worth divorce attorneys understand the law related to property division and how to protect your interests while still working toward a mutually agreeable settlement and maintaining as much privacy as possible. Our retainer rates are competitive. Contact Plog & Stein at (303) 781-0322 or via our online form for an appointment with a marital property division lawyers. We also represent people in Aurora, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, and Castle Rock, as well as other areas of Denver, Douglas, and Arapahoe Counties.