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Modifying Parenting Time in Colorado

Denver Parenting Time Modification Attorneys

Denver parenting time modification attorneysPlog & Stein, P.C. has been fighting for our Denver area family law clients for over 20 years.  Given our decades of experience, we understand that finishing your divorce or child custody case is only part of the story.  As circumstances change, needs change, and kids get older, it’s not uncommon for parenting time modification issues to arise.  The visitation schedule that might have worked in the past my no longer be in your child’s best interest.  Fortunately, Colorado statute affords people the option to seek modifications to their visitation schedules based on changed circumstances.  If you’re needing your parenting time orders redone, or defending against a motion to modify from the other parent, contact our experienced family law team to assess your options.

  • Parenting Time Modifications
  • Emergency Parenting Time Motions
  • Relocation
  • Enforcement of Parenting Time Orders

Chose the Right Family Law Firm for Your Parenting Time Modification Case

Since 1999, our firm has helped thousands of clients deal with parenting time issues, include all types of modification matters.   Each member of our team has significant experience litigating or settling parenting time cases.  Our parenting time modification attorneys are keenly aware of statute and the types of evidence judges look for when assessing a parenting time modification.  We also know what’s fair or appropriate when it comes time to discuss settling your parenting time issue.

Choosing a parent modification attorneyWhile your your circumstances are unique chances are we’ve seen them before.  Ultimate, the only thing that matters is working towards our clients goals and the parenting time schedule they seek.  Colorado parenting time laws can be nuanced and different standards apply when seeking basic changes to parenting time, changes in primary custody, or emergency relief.   Beyond understanding these standards, we believe it’s also important to present each client with their options, including the potential for using a child custody expert as part of their case.  Whether fighting for you in the courtroom or at the negotiation table, your Plog & Stein attorney will be there as your advocate.

Modifying Parenting Time in Colorado

Parenting time modifications in Colorado generally stem from C.R.S. 14-10-129.  Section 129 sets forth differing standards depending on the modification you are seeking, or defending against.

  • A general modification of parenting time is going to be governed by the “best interest” standard, which requires a judge to find that any change to the current visitation schedule is in a child’s best interest.  This applies to a request to both increase or decrease a parent’s time with their child.
  • A modification of parenting time which changes primary residential custody requires the court to also find that a change in primary residence is needed due to the current scheduling posing either a physical danger to the child or putting the child at risk of impairment to his or her emotional development.
  • A motion to move or “relocate” a child in such a manner that the geographic ties with the other parent are impacted is governed by a subsection of Section 129, which requires the court to look at various factors tied into the proposed move.  When a motion to relocate is filed parents without primary physical custody an opportunity to seek it, without having to prove endangerment.
  • Emergency motions to restrict parenting time are also governed by Section 129.   A motion to restrict can be filed in situations when a child is in “imminent” or immediate danger of physical or emotional harm in the care of the other parent.   Courts take motions to restrict seriously and generally put a high burden of evidentiary proof on the moving parent.

Whatever Your Situation, We Can Help

Denver, CO parenting time attorneysKnowing the legal standards for modifying parenting time is one thing.  Knowing how to apply those standards within a case, or in the courtroom, is another.   When contacting Plog & Stein regarding your parenting time modification concerns, your attorney’s first step will be to get firm understanding of your circumstances so that he or she can give you a realistic assessment of your rights and options.  From there, we will work to formulate a strategy for meeting your objectives.   We also help people defend against modification and emergency motions.   It’s not uncommon for a parent to unjustifiably seek to take the other’s parenting time.   Recognizing this, we are ready to fight for you regardless of which side of a motion you’re on.

Contact a Denver Parenting Time Attorney

Plog & Stein, P.C. has been helping family law clients for decades.   We believe that each client and each case matters.   Our attorneys strive for excellence in the representation they provide.  With a great sense of caring and professionalism, we work hard obtain the parenting time outcomes you deserve.  As issues of child support often arise when dealing with parenting time modifications, we are also highly experienced in all aspects of child support.

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