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Civil Unions

Assisting Clients With Issues Specific to Civil Unions

Denver civil union lawyerAfter Governor Hickenlooper signed into law Senate Bill 13-011 in 2013, civil unions became legal in Colorado. The new legislation has had reaching effects into many areas of statute, including those related to domestic relations law. In essence, parties or “partners” in a civil union are afforded the same legal rights and processes that are afforded to spouses in a Colorado divorce situation. Our experienced Denver civil union attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. know how to fight for the rights of our clients seeking a dissolution of their civil unions. Because we are well-versed in the new statutes, we know how to zealously represent clients in cases regarding dissolution, separation, and invalidity of civil unions. The interests of those we represent are extremely important to us.

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What Are the Rights of Civil Union Partners?

The primary difference from “divorce” statutes is that partners to a civil union can be of the same gender, whereas in a marriage, the parties must be of the opposite sex. Regardless of status, whether married or in a civil union, partners now have various rights once only afforded to spouses. These rights and procedures apply not only to parties to a Colorado civil union, but also persons who have entered unions in other states and have now moved here. The civil union attorneys at our Denver firm would be happy to help you understand the differences that exist.

Specific rights afforded to partners include:

Despite similarities, there are some differences or nuances applicable to civil unions that do not apply to divorce. Similarly, there are other aspects regarding jurisdiction, agreements between partners (similar to “prenuptial agreements”), and the validity of civil unions for which we may be able to provide help. We can take care of all the details on your behalf.

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Your rights, as a partner to a Colorado civil union, matter to us. Our goal, as with our divorce and custody cases, is to effectively and diligently represent our civil union clients. Whether dealing with issues regarding property, debt, maintenance, attorney fees, restraining orders, or otherwise, our experienced attorneys apply the experience gained over years of practicing divorce law to help you through the dissolution of your civil union. In fact, our Denver civil union lawyers have more than seven decades of collective experience!

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