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Aurora Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys in Aurora, CO

For close to two decades, the family law firm of Plog & Stein, P.C. has been here to serve the divorce and custody legal services needs of clients from all over the metropolitan area, including our clients from Aurora.

Aurora family law attorneys

If you are considering divorce or need assistance navigating the complexities of another family law matter, you can trust in our team of experienced Aurora family law attorneys to diligently represent you towards your goals.

Plog & Stein has over 70 years of combined legal experience. Each of our Aurora, Colorado family attorney uses their individual experience to represents clients in divorce, custody, and child support cases.

Colorado family law has been our sole focus since 2001. Over the course of more than a decade, our attorneys have litigated simple and complex domestic relations cases for clients from Aurora. The majority of our Aurora clients have cases in Arapahoe County, though a small portion of Aurora actually rests in Adams.

Our Aurora family law attorneys are well versed in the expectations and procedures of both courts and strive to use our knowledge and reputation to further our clients objectives. Some cases proceed to trial. As such, it’s imperative for your divorce or custody attorney to have the knowledge, skills, and strategy necessary to litigate for you.

Our attorneys are also skilled negotiators, with a firm grasp of what is fair under the law. We are equally comfortable following either of the two paths a case may take and our goal is always the best resolution in the most cost effective manner.

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Family Attorneys Serving Clients in Aurora, Colorado

At Plog & Stein, P.C., we strive to represent our clients in an aggressive and intelligent manner. Through the firm’s years of helping clients from all over the metropolitan area, our attorneys understand that common issues in one part of greater Denver may differ from another.

Although every family and situation is unique, and although a divorce case in Broomfield may be different from a custody matter in Aurora, we make sure to treat every case with the same level of dedication, no matter how big or small.

In Colorado, the term “family law” generally relates to the following types of case:

A couple seeking for divorce with the help of a lawyer in Denver.

Serving Aurora, Arapahoe County, Adams County and Beyond

Aurora lies primarily in Arapahoe County, which is part of the 18th Judicial District of Colorado. The Denver family legal issues attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. have handled more divorce and custody cases in Arapahoe County than we can probably count.

This familiarity has allowed us to develop a feel for the various courtrooms or judges we may deal with, as well as a working rapport with other court staff. Our goal is to have a broad base of knowledge and insights to use for the benefit of our clients.

Our lawyers also endeavor to understand each community we serve in terms of the population base, economic issues, and recurring family law concerns we may see from clients in a particular area. Knowing our clients matters too, and helps enhance the communication needed between attorneys and client.

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Our Aurora family attorneys readily take phone calls from potential new clients, and will take a few minutes to discuss your case, for free, to see what issues you have and what we can do to help. With multiple attorney available, it’s never difficult to get an appointment scheduled.

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Plog & Stein’s main office is conveniently located near I-25 and Orchard, with easy access from Aurora via I-225 or E-470. If you live or work in the northern parts of Aurora, you may find it easier to meet at our Broomfield office, located off of Highway 36 and 121/Wadsworth Boulevard. The experience our attorneys have gained through years of working in the community is used to better serve our clients, whether from Aurora or elsewhere.

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