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Jefferson County Child Support Lawyer

There are many types of issues you will face as you go through a child support case. In any case involving custody of a child, invariably child support is also going to be an issue that needs to be dealt with. Protecting your rights related to child support is one of our main focuses at Plog & Stein, P.C. We concentrate solely on family law and child support is a frequent concern for the clients we assist in Jefferson County. Our Jefferson County child support attorneys have effectively represented people from all over the area for many years. This includes dealing with establishing and modifying child support orders, enforcing those orders, handling arrears and collections issues, and other legal aspects tied into child support. In any case, our only goal is the best possible outcome for our clients. Regardless of which side of the child support equation you are on, we can help. Let us put our over 70 years of combined legal experience to work for you!

Calculating Child Support in Jefferson County

The guidelines for child support determinations in the State of Colorado are outlined in C.R.S. 14-10-115 and are strictly adhered to in most cases. Generally speaking, a child support calculation is going to be based primarily on the incomes of the parties. Of course, other factors, such as the number of children, the allocation of visitation time, health insurance costs, and day care costs also come into play. The legislative intent behind child support is that it is truly meant to be for the financial benefit of the child. As with any legal issues, conflicts can arise tied into what the proper income figures should be. Calculations of income can be complex in some circumstances and arguments can also be raised when one parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

When formulating child support orders, whether through settlement or a court hearing, there are various side details which also need to be addressed. Those might include who gets to claim the income tax dependency exemptions or how medical and activity expenses will be divided. Knowing what is normal and fair matters when it comes time to resolve your child support case. Likewise, having detailed orders can prevent future disagreements down the road. That’s where having an experienced child support lawyer can make the difference.

C.R.S. 14-10-122 sets forth the standards for modifying child support, which can be done at any time up until the last child emancipates at age 19. As incomes and circumstances can change over time, it’s not uncommon for families to modify child support multiple times over the years. When dealing with a potential child support modification, timing can have an impact, as modifications are generally effective back to the date a motion is filed, not when it’s ruled on. The gap between filing and your court hearing can sometimes take several months.

Our Jefferson County child support attorneys are also skilled in handling matters related to enforcement of child support orders and can help you assess what your best, most practical options are. Enforcing child support orders can be as simple as getting a wage garnishment in place. Conversely, they can be quite complex, particularly when dealing with judgments and accrued interest or contempt of court proceedings.

Whatever child support issue you are concerned with, rest assured that our lawyers are equipped to give both sound advice and solid representation. We are equally comfortable negotiating resolutions or taking your case to trial. Though settlement is generally preferable, agreements are not always reached, thereby leading to an evidentiary hearing in front of a judge or magistrate. Given the various paths a case can take, our attorneys are abreast of both the laws and procedure related to child support in Jefferson County and throughout Colorado.

Experienced Child Support Lawyers Protecting Your Rights

Our Jefferson County clients want the best for their children and we work hard to find the right balance of support for every one of them we assist. Again, it doesn’t matter what side of the child support case you are on, the team at Plog & Stein, P.C. is ready to diligently advocate for you. Our goal is to handle your case in an efficient, timely, and results driven manner. Call us to discuss your child support situation and begin strategizing with a practiced member of our team at 303-781-0322 or contact us online.

The experienced attorneys at Plog & Stein also represent men and women in child custody cases in Denver, Adams, Douglas, Arapahoe, and all Colorado counties. With offices conveniently located in both the DTC and Broomfield, are easily accessible to clients throughout the metro area.