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Englewood Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Attorney in Englewood, CO The cost of raising a child continues to rise year after year. Regardless of socio-economic status, the fact is that raising children is expensive. While an intact family may have dual incomes and an easier time meeting a child’s financial needs, those needs do not stop when families split up or go through a divorce. In light of this fact, child support is one of the common issues parents face when going through the court process. Child support litigation comes with an array of issues and entails so much more than just determining what monthly amount one parent will pay to the other. The Englewood child support lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. have over 70 years of combined legal experience representing clients dealing with the full spectrum of child financial issues, including:

  • Establishment of child support
  • Modifications of child support
  • Child expenses (child care, medical, activities)
  • Wage garnishments
  • Collections
  • Support Judgments

Our legal team is adept at dealing with all aspects of child support litigation you might be going through. Let us help you ensure that you are treated fairly when it comes time to deal with your support matter.

Your Child Support Rights and Responsibilities in Englewood

Child support is based on a legislative formula set forth in C.R.S. 14-10-115 and worksheets are used to calculate the amount. The factors that go into the child support worksheets are varied and can become complicated very quickly. The most significant factor going into your child support calculation is income.

When both parents have regular, salaried jobs calculating income is easy. However, complexities arise when they do not. If you or the other party is self-employed, under-employed, or unemployed, ascertaining monthly income may not be that simple. The same holds true in situations in which people work on commission or maintain a portfolio with multiple income producing assets. At Plog & Stein, P.C., we will take the time to thoroughly analyze all aspects of your child support case tied into income, as well as the other factors going into the child support worksheet.

In many cases, child support also intersects with parenting time, which can impact the calculation when each parent has over 92 overnights per year with the child. Given the interplay of visitation and child support, it’s not uncommon to litigate both issues at once.

In any child support case, there are other things to be taken into consideration including each child’s medical expenses, cost of extracurricular activities, child care, health insurance, and the tax dependency exemptions for the children.

At your initial consultation, a member of our family law legal team will sit down with you to go over each aspect of your situation which may have an impact on your child support orders. From there, we will give you a realistic assessment of where you stand on each issue and help formulate a strategy for ensuring a proper outcome in your case. Obtaining detailed orders today can prevent future problems later on.

After initial orders are entered, the court maintains jurisdiction over the issue of child support until the last child turns 19 years of age. When circumstances change, modifications of child support can be sought under C.R.S. 14-10-122. Likewise, not everyone follows their child support orders. In those situations, enforcement proceedings may become necessary. Simple remedies, such as a wage garnishment, may ensure payment occurs. In more egregious cases, support judgments, including interest, or contempt of court may be necessary. At Plog & Stein, P.C., we represent clients in all situations and all positions in a child support case. Our only goal is the best possible outcome for you, the client.

Retain Quality Child Support Lawyers for Your Englewood Case

Colorado statute recognizes that children have the right to be cared for in a financially appropriate manner. Parents are responsible for providing for their children. Situations can arise that make this difficult and we are here to help our Englewood clients get to a fair resolution, regardless of which side of the child support equation you are on. Call us at 303-781-0322, or contact us online to assess your child support options.