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Child Support

Colorado Child Support and High Income Families

By: Stephen J. Plog As indicated in many previous Plog & Stein blog posts, Colorado Revised Statutes indicate that parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children.   This requirement is manifested in child support orders flowing from child custody, divorce, or stand-alone child support cases.  Monthly child

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2019 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws (Part 2)

By: Jessica A. Saldin One of our recent blog posts detailed some fairly significant changes to the Colorado child support law as relates to the consideration of voluntary unemployment and underemployment.  However, those changes are not the only changes passed by the legislature.  This article will detail some of the additional changes

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2019 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws

By: Stephen J. Plog As July 1 soon approaches, it’s that time of year again when revisions to Colorado statutes often come into effect.  Family law statutes related to divorce, child custody, and child support are no exception to this phenomenon.   While things do not generally change too radically, even simple,

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The Effects of Disability Payments on Child Support

By:  Michelle L. Searcy At the most basic level, the Colorado child support calculation is based on the combined income of the parents, the number of children and the number of overnights exercised by each parent in Colorado.  Calculating income for a parent with a job that issues a W-2 is a

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Retirement and Divorce: Payment of Alimony and Child Support

By: W. Curtis Wiberg In a divorce case, a higher income earning spouse may be “on the hook”  to pay maintenance (alimony) and child support. There are divorces, however, in which this higher-income earning spouse is in his or her sixties and nearing retirement age. Some dads have children when they are

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Maintenance and Child Support-August 2018 Statutory Changes  

By:  Jessica A. Saldin Starting August 8, 2018, there will some statutory changes being made to the Colorado Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act (the main statute/law that governs Colorado divorce and custody cases).  As these changes may have major impacts on your divorce or custody case, it is important to know what

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