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Family Law

Alimony: Is It Always Awarded After a Divorce?

One issue that brings spouses stress during a divorce is money. A divorce can create a substantial financial burden for each of the spouses. You’ve likely heard about alimony or spousal support. However, you might wonder, Is alimony always awarded after a divorce? Whether or not one spouse pays alimony to the

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What State Has Jurisdiction for My Family Law Case?

In any divorce, child custody, or child support case, one of the first questions that need to be asked is whether and where jurisdiction is proper. Jurisdiction in family law cases ties into not only notions of where a case should be held, but also whether a particular state, county, or court

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What to Bring to a First Meeting with a Family Law Attorney

By:  Stephen J. Plog Do not let anxiety, apprehension, or the fear of the unknown subtract from your first meeting with your family law attorney. Thought and careful preparation will allow both you and your attorney to gain the most positive results from your first consultation. Family law is more than divorce.

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What Are the Differences Between Custody & Legal Guardianship?

The laws pertaining to childcare in Colorado involve the concepts of custody, legal guardianship, adoption, foster care and more. Custody and legal guardianship are similar in that they both grant someone rights in relation to the care of a child. However, they are fundamentally different on a legal level. Understanding Colorado’s complicated

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Colorado Child Custody: How is Legal Paternity Determined?

By:  Jessica A. Bryant Issue of establishing paternity are something I have seen in child custody, divorce, and separate paternity or child support actions. Most people have the belief that a child’s legal paternity is the same as their biological paternity, except in cases of adoption; however, that is not always the

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Failing to Show Up for Your Divorce or Custody Hearing

By: Stephen J. Plog After over twenty years of practicing family law in the Denver area, I’ve seen all sorts of odd situations.  The stories I could tell range from run of the mill tales of spouses behaving badly to the truly bizarre.   Of course I cannot tell those stories due

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