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Colorado Custody Rights and Paternity for Unmarried Fathers

Custody can be a complex and emotionally-charged issue, regardless of your marital status. Unfortunately, even as society progresses, the process of seeking custody rights for unmarried fathers can feel even more complicated. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that unmarried fathers do have legal rights. If you were unmarried at the time your

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Can I Prevent Child Relocation After a Divorce?

People’s lives change over time, and the same is true after a divorce. But what happens when your former spouse wants to move and take your child with them? You may wonder, Can I prevent child relocation after a divorce? Below, the Denver family attorneys at Plog & Stein P.C. provide general

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Colorado Child Custody: How is Legal Paternity Determined?

By:  Jessica A. Bryant Issue of establishing paternity are something I have seen in child custody, divorce, and separate paternity or child support actions. Most people have the belief that a child’s legal paternity is the same as their biological paternity, except in cases of adoption; however, that is not always the

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