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When you think of family law in Colorado, chances are you think of divorce, but there are actually many different circumstances that may require the assistance of a qualified family law attorney. “Family law” encompasses not only divorce and its familiar subcategories, such as asset division or alimony, but also includes child custody, child support, grandparent visitation, restraining orders, and a wide array of legal matters which can arise in any family.

The fact of the matter is, family law legal issues tie into some of the most important aspects of your life, so the stakes are high. In these emotionally turbulent times, having an attorney in your corner who understands Parker family law can be invaluable to your case moving forward.

When you are facing a family-related legal matter, reach out to the attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. to guide you through the process. With over 70 years of combined experience as Denver family law attorneys, we know the Parker area and the issues families face in your community. As with any of our cases, our only goal is to safeguard your rights and interests in your Parker family law matter.

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

At Plog & Stein, we pride ourselves on focusing exclusively on representing clients in family law matters. Thus, when you hire our team, you can feel confident knowing that we have the background and experience in this particular area of law to effectively represent your interests.

Below are just a few examples of the various practice areas we frequently handle: 

If you have questions about whether we can assist with your particular family law matter, feel free to give us a call to discuss your situation in more detail. 

The Right Philosophy for Your Parker Family Law Case

When you hire an attorney for your Parker family law case, it’s important to have an idea of what you can expect moving forward. And when you hire our team, you can expect top-notch representation at every step along the way

We have built our family law practice on a stable foundation of the core values of honesty, strategy, and logic. Each of our multiple, experienced attorneys incorporates these values into every case we work on, allowing us to ensure the needs of our clients are met in the most productive and effective manner possible. From the first meeting forward, we will look at your case strategically to analyze the best courses of action to take according to your goals and give you an honest assessment of the possible outcomes you face.

We will communicate with you to make sure you understand everything happening at each stage of the process and help you navigate the often contentious waters of these proceedings using sound logic to keep the bigger picture in mind. Lastly, we will put our years of trial and negotiation experience to work for you when the time comes to resolve your family law matter.

Your case may seem straight forward at first, but even small disagreements can quickly get out of hand when you and your ex-partner are talking about heated issues like child custody and family finances. Our philosophy helps to safeguard you from making rash decisions in a moment of emotional turmoil that can negatively affect your long-term objectives.

From knowing the first steps to take when filing your initial Douglas County divorce documents to helping you decide whether your case should go to trial, we are your partner during these life-altering events and we will work hard to help you shape the course of your future and your family’s future in the best way possible.

What Sets Our Team Apart

Selecting the right Parker family attorney is critical to the success of your case moving forward. At Plog & Stein, we hope you will put your trust in us to represent you and your family’s interests. However, we understand that this may not always be an easy decision to make.

As you consider your options, here are a few things that we believe set us apart from other firms in the area:

  • Unlike other general practice firms, we focus our practice exclusively on family law matters;
  • Our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience in this field;
  • We offer a 10% discount off of our attorneys’ hourly rates for active duty military and veterans;
  • Our attorneys will provide skilled representation both in and out of the courtroom, and we will not hesitate to take your case to trial if that’s what it takes to get you the results you need and deserve; and
  • We offer competitive and transparent rates for our services, including unbundled legal services for those who aren’t looking to fully retain an attorney.

At Plog & Stein, our legal team serves Parker family lawyer clients and recognizes that family law cases can go on for many years. The initial establishment of custody or support orders may give way to multiple modifications until your children are grown. As such, we strive to maintain lasting relationships with our clients and will be there for you well after your initial divorce or custody case is done. When it comes time to establish, enforce, or modify your court orders, having a dedicated legal team to advocate for you matters.

Protecting Your Family Law Interests in Parker

Parker is located in Douglas County, which falls within the 18th Judicial District of Colorado. Because Douglas County is the 8th wealthiest county in the country by median household income, family law cases in Parker may involve complex financial and property division issues. Given that over 50% of households in Parker have children under the age of 18, child custody and child support are also core issues we see arise for our clients in the area. Our family lawyers have served the Parker community for many years and we know the issues your family faces. Let our team of seasoned lawyers help you with your legal needs by calling us at 303-781-0322 or contacting us online to set up an appointment.

The Plog & Stein Denver Tech Center office is located a short drive north of Parker, just west of I-25, at the Orchard exit.