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Parker child custody lawyerWhen your marriage is ending or relationship is falling apart, you may find yourself asking an array of questions related to your kids. Where will they live and go to school? How is visitation decided? How will their financial needs be met? The family law firm of Plog & Stein, P.C., has been helping Parker custody clients deal with these types of questions for almost two decades. Our attorneys focus solely on legal issues tied into divorce and custody, and we understand the importance of securing the best possible outcomes for you and your children. Our Parker child custody lawyers are available to review your case, assess your options, and help you decide upon the best course of action to take in your case. When negotiate settlement or proceeding to trial, having the right family law firm matters. At Plog & Stein, we make it our job to understand not only the Colorado laws related to custody and the courts we work in, but to also use that knowledge to the benefit of our clients when it comes to navigating through the legal process.

Let us put our negotiation and litigation skills to work for you! We offer professional representation with all custody issues, including, but not limited to:

Understanding How to Protect Your Child Custody Rights in Parker

At the beginning of the legal process, you may feel that you know the best situation for your children. However, the other parent may disagree or envision a different outcome. If you and the other party can reach a consensus on what’s best for your children, you may be able to resolve custody in a written agreement. However, it is very common for people to disagree on some issues, such as a specific visitation schedule. If you cannot agree on all terms your case will ultimately be decided by the court. Judges serving the Parker area (Douglas County) and across the state of Colorado will make custody determinations based on what they perceive to be in your child’s best interest. “Best interest” is a loose term and judges have great latitude and discretion when it comes to entering custody and parenting time orders.

At Plog & Stein, we recognize that no one is going to care more about your kids than you and that reaching out of court settlements gives people the opportunity to agree with out risk of the court subjectively weighing in on determinations of their children’s futures. However, sometimes court input and invention is needed, whether due to safety concerns, the other parent’s positions on visitation, or because the parties just can’t agree. Our goal is to be there with you every step of the way, regardless of the circumstances.

In Colorado, child custody is statutorily known as “parental responsibility” and is split into two main elements, physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody involves both the primary residence of the child and what visitation rights, known as “parenting time,” will be for each parent. Legal custody determines who gets to make major decisions for the child, for example, medical or educational choices. In most instances, both parties share joint parental responsibility and can work together to make major decisions for the children. In some cases, joint decision-making may not be appropriate, or practical. Colorado statutes also make it possible for a third party to seek child custody when the minor child is not in the care of either parent or if the third party seeking custody had care and control of the minor child for at least six months within six months of filing. Usually, this kind of situation occurs when grandparents or other relatives have been taking care of the children for extended periods of time.

Generally, custody “battles” arise regarding visitation. People may not agree on primary residence, or perhaps one party believes 50/50 parenting time would be best and the other does not. Likewise, there can also be lesser disputes related to things like holidays, breaks, and vacations. When facing these types of issues, the key is working with your Parker child custody lawyer to assess not only what’s best for your kids, but also the strengths and weaknesses of your positions, mapped up with the legal realities of statute and the court system. Each case is truly different and the detail put into the analysis, as well as settlement or trial efforts, is paramount. A good, child-centered visitation schedule can greatly benefit your children as they transition into the new “normal.” Sometimes getting there may also necessitate using a child custody expert, such as a Child and Family Investigator, to apprise the parties and court regarding the children’s needs.

Judges will also take into consideration things like each party’s ability to encourage a relationship between the child and the other parent and your ability to put the child’s needs ahead of your own. It is vital that you get the advice of a Parker child custody lawyer who is familiar with the law and who will be able to help you put your best foot forward when dealing with the court, experts, and the other side.

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