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Denver Divorce Attorney Blog — Page 14 of 26 — Published by Denver, Divorce Lawyer — Plog & Stein, P.C

By Sarah T. McCain

Parties going through a Colorado family law matter, such as a divorce or custody case, often spend countless hours drafting a specific and thorough parenting schedule for their children. Each parent wants to put together a schedule which they believe meets the best interests of their children. However, parents are often not prepared for the circumstance when the child or children state their decision to stop exercising that schedule, meaning they don’t want to go for parenting time. This can be a frustrating time for the parent who is no longer receiving their planned parenting time and, when the child is an older teenager (ages 16 and above), it may even be more frustrating to learn that there may be limited options to correct the situation, despite the child still being considered a minor. However, despite limitations there are still options.
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