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Child Custody

How Third Persons Can Impact Your Child Custody Case

By:   Sarah T. McCain There are many ways in which the third parties in your life may impact a child custody determination. It is important to carefully weigh each role these individuals play in your life and the interaction they have with your child(ren).  Friends, neighbors, romantic partners, and family members
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Custody: Are You Ready For a Child Custody Dispute? (Part 1)

By:  Sarah McCain When an initial allocation of parental responsibilities, or more commonly known as a “custody” case, is filed involving your child or children, it is possible that you are caught off guard. However, in most cases, disagreements between parents or a natural unraveling of a relationship will give you a
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Child Custody: Video Communication as Part of a Parenting Plan

By:  Curtis Wiberg The telephone is an amazing way to keep in touch with children.  Skype, Facetime, Facebook video messaging, and other social media applications have made remote communication even more amazing.  In a divorce situation with kids involved, video communication has taken a lot of the sting of being separated from
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Child Custody: What Is Reintegration Therapy and Is It Right for My Child?

By:  Jessica A. Bryant When going through a custody case, or a divorce involving children, in Colorado, you may hear the court, other party, opposing counsel, and/or expert mention “reintegration therapy.” Reintegration therapy can have important, long-lasting implications for you and your children.  Therefore, before taking a position on reintegration therapy (sometimes
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Child Support: Dealing With Very Old Arrears Balances

By: Curtis Wiberg In the practice of family law, it’s not too uncommon to come across a case where a parent, who has been ordered to pay child support, did not meet their obligation for many months or even years until the child has become an adult, with the child support never
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Dietary Concerns and Colorado Custody

By:  Sarah T. McCain When it comes to parenting, even the most in sync parents have different styles. This can become even more apparent while going through a divorce or Colorado custody case, when all of your choices are under a microscope.  One area of parenting which can draw scrutiny for parents is the choice of
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Child Custody Arrangements Come in Many Forms

By: Jessica Bryant I recently came across a news article regarding a New York custody case. The child custody article focused on a case in which a New York judge awarded what was termed “tri-custody” over a child.  The specific background was that a married couple entered into an open relationship with their neighbor.
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Custody: False Allegations of Abuse and Violence (Part 2)

By Stephen J. Plog In Part 1 of this article, I discussed the basic concept of false allegations of abuse or violence being raise in Colorado custody cases.   This included delving into some of the case specific and systemic consequences or results flowing from people making false allegations.  I also touched on the
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Passport Issues in a Child Custody Case

By:  Jessica A. Bryant One area of dispute that can arise following a divorce or custody action is the question of obtaining a passport for the child. To get a passport for a child under 16, the State Department generally requires signatures from both of the parents or legal guardians. This requirement
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