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Child Custody

Custody & Telephone Visitation (Part 1)

By: Stephen J. Plog Custody attorneys are keenly aware of the major and minor issues to be dealt with in divorce or custody cases. Of course, the major issues primarily relate to legal custody (parental responsibility regarding the making of major decisions), visitation (parenting time), and primary residential custody. Though the core

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Consequences of Refusing Court-Ordered Parenting Time

By: Stephen Plog A couple of weeks ago, while browsing the news on the internet I happened upon a story regarding a Michigan custody case which left me speechless. My jaw dropped, I spilled my coffee, and instantly started pondering the ramifications the story would have if this kind of judicial nonsense

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International Child Custody Disputes in Colorado

Colorado courts have jurisdiction over children who reside within this state, meaning that they can make orders regarding allocation of parental responsibilities and child support. State law is equipped to address interstate custody disputes, but international disputes require the assistance of a treaty signed by fewer than half of the world’s countries.

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Same Sex Divorce and Child Custody Issues in Colorado

As we have earlier covered on this blog, same-sex marriages are now legal in Colorado because the United States Supreme Court decided not to hear any appeals regarding the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans from the 10th Circuit. Now that same-sex civil marriages are recognized in Colorado, divorces are also possible, and

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Impact of Domestic Violence on Child Custody in Colorado

Recently, there has been significant public attention to issues of domestic violence around the nation. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior within a family or other intimate relationship. It can include spousal abuse or child abuse, and it can go beyond physical violence, including verbal abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse,

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Custody and Relocation With Children (Part 2)

Part 1 of this posting, from June 2014, focused on the basics of relocation with children in a Colorado custody case, including analysis(es) related to situations which might arise either prior to a case being filed, or while a case is pending, as well as pre-final orders requests to move from Colorado

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