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Boulder County Divorce Attorney

How do you take the first step in filing for a divorce? What will happen to your marital property once you and your spouse part ways? When do you figure out how to split time with your children? What if your spouse does something detrimental to your combined finances? Who gets the dog? A million or more questions like these will be running through your mind after you’ve made the difficult decision to pursue dissolution of your marriage. One of the first things you’ll want to do is consult with a Boulder County divorce attorney who can sit down with you to answer these questions and work with you to organize and prioritize your thoughts and goals. The Boulder County divorce lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. have over 70 years of combined legal experience helping clients through perhaps the most emotionally trying time of their lives, including clients in Boulder County. Our skilled and experienced team will be there for when the time comes to negotiate or litigate your divorce case.

Divorcing in Boulder County

Everyone understands, from a logical point of view, that jointly discussing assets and expenses during the initial stages of a divorce is preferential. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be in a logical state of mind as you separate from your spouse and begin divorce proceedings. If possible, before even filing, you should sit down together and go over the entire financial picture of your assets, keeping documentation of what your overall marital obligations are before anyone vacates the household. Regardless of what your relationship circumstances are, bills need to be paid. Things like utilities, mortgage or rent, health and car insurance, and credit card bills should not be allowed to lapse. Even if you are on rocky grounds with your spouse, attempt to get the best possible understanding of your total financial circumstances as soon as possible.

Once a party petitions the court for a divorce, the other side will be served. If you have been served with divorce papers, you have 21 days to file a response with the court. From there, the parties will attend an Initial Status Conference, which will be the opportunity to apprise the court as to the pertinent matters in your case. Ultimately, the parties will either resolve all relevant issues, including property division, alimony, and child related matters, including support. Resolution will come either via formulation of a comprehensive Separation Agreement or via a contested hearing in front of the judge. Making sure your divorce is done correctly from the outset matters in the long run. So does having the right Boulder County divorce lawyer on your side.

Of course, not every issue in a divorce is easily resolved. You may be dealing with a great amount of asset division in a high net worth divorce or a complicated custody arrangement. If you are not easily able to come to agreement on all of your issues, your lawyer will be able to weigh your options and strategically formulate a plan designed to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Retaining an Effective Lawyer in Your Boulder County Divorce

The most important thing to remember as you go into these proceedings is to work with a Boulder County divorce attorney you know you can trust. Choosing a Boulder County divorce lawyer with significant experience dealing with all aspects of divorce, both simple and complicated, matters. Plog & Stein, P.C. has the experience and caring you need and we will do everything in our power to make your divorce go as smoothly as possible. We understanding that nothing matters more than your future. Contact us at 303-781-0322 or visit us online to learn more about the firm and our services.

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