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Domestic Violence and Child Custody Cases

From the time I was a young child, perhaps due to having sisters, I was always told, “Boys don’t hit girls.” Sadly, over the years I have spent as a Denver family law attorney, I have come to learn that in fact, sometimes they do. Domestic violence is an unfortunate fact that

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Colorado Child Support 101

What is Child Support? As a Denver area divorce/custody attorney, allow me to answer that question. Child Support is the statutorily determined amount of money a person may pay for the support of his or her child. The amount is determined based on a number of factors, which are plugged into a

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Celebrity Custody Cases Are Just Like Yours

I have recently read in the last two issues of my wife’s People Magazine about the travails of actress Halle Berry and her brewing custody case. As a Denver area divorce attorney, the multiple articles have peaked my interest and led me to ponder some of the allegations raised in them. An

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