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Divorce Blog

What Are the Differences Between Custody & Legal Guardianship?

The laws pertaining to childcare in Colorado involve the concepts of custody, legal guardianship, adoption, foster care and more. Custody and legal guardianship are similar in that they both grant someone rights in relation to the care of a child. However, they are fundamentally different on a legal level. Understanding Colorado’s complicated

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Tips on Negotiating a Holiday Visitation Schedule

By: Sarah T. McCain Sharing child custody after a divorce can be especially difficult around the holidays. Both parents want to ensure the protection of their custodial rights. If you and your partner are getting a divorce, plan for how you will divide or share custody and visitation around the holidays. If

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I’m Unemployed and My Alimony is Ending, Can I Extend the Payments?

By: Jessica A. Saldin Prior posts have discussed the law and standards regarding the modification of maintenance (alimony).  However, a unique area is the modifiability of maintenance for the recipient spouse if they are unemployed or lacking income when their maintenance is about to end.  In that situation, they may feel that

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Removing a Spouse’s Name on a House Mortgage After a Divorce

Getting a divorce will change many things in your life, including property ownership. If you received sole ownership of the family home in your divorce in Colorado, you may need to remove your spouse’s name from the mortgage. Otherwise, your spouse will remain legally responsible for paying the loan. You may benefit

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How Does Unemployment Affect Alimony Payments?

By: Stephen J. Plog Alimony, known as spousal maintenance in Colorado, is a payment one spouse may be ordered t0 make to the other during or after a divorce. The purpose of alimony is to ensure each spouse has the ability to meet their basic needs post-divorce. The person making alimony payments

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