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Common Reasons for Denial of a Child Custody Relocation Order

Co-parenting when there is a child custody order can be challenging. In addition to handling your day-to-day obligations, you and your child’s other parent must keep in contact with each other and share parenting responsibilities based on a contract, i.e., the child custody agreement (or court orders). While this is far from

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How Long Do You Have to Be Married to Get Alimony in Colorado?

If you are facing a divorce or legal separation, you should prepare yourself for significant financial changes. This includes the possibility of receiving or paying alimony.  Whether you hope to receive payment or hope to avoid paying, you might be wondering, “How long do you have to be married to get alimony

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How to Protect Yourself When Divorcing a Narcissist?

By: Stephen J. Plog Surviving a divorce is hard work. You can expect your personal life, family life, and assets to significantly change in the process. Divorcing a narcissist can make divorce proceedings unusually difficult, but less so when you utilize the right resources.  Today, we address the topic of how to

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How to File for Emergency Custody in Colorado

By: Stephen J. Plog Are you worried about your child’s safety when they spend time with their other parent? If there is a genuine danger present, you should consider filing an emergency custody motion. An emergency custody petition causes the court to take quick action—usually within 48 hours—to review the facts and

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What Does Full Custody of a Child Mean in Colorado?

By: Stephen J. Plog Many divorcing couples who have children struggle with the contentious issue of dividing parental responsibilities after their separation. Contacting an experienced family law attorney, such as the attorneys of Plog & Stein P.C. can be very beneficial. Trying to cooperate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse can sometimes be difficult.

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Colorado Divorce and Real Estate in 2021 (Part 1)

      By:  Sarah T. McCain It’s been a few years since we last wrote about how to deal with your marital home in a Colorado divorce. The last time we wrote a substantive post, the real estate market, like the rest of the economy, as largely in a big hole.  

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