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Colorado Divorce: Financial Obligations and COVID-19

By: Jessica A. Saldin The ever-changing environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative effect on jobs, wages, and our economy. Like elsewhere, the Colorado economy, job market, and people’s ability to pay for things has taken a huge hit. the financial downturn, some people may be left questioning what impact,
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Defending Against a Motion to Restrict Parenting Time

By: Sarah T. McCain It can sometimes come as a surprise when you are served with a Motion to Restrict Parenting Time by your child’s other parent.  However, if they are represented by an attorney, it shouldn’t.  Pursuant to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, attorneys are under a duty to confer
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What Types of Alimony are Available in Colorado?

Alimony, or spousal maintenance as it is called in Colorado, is a monetary award a judge might order one spouse to pay the other after a divorce. Alimony serves to balance the scales between two ex-spouses after a divorce if an income disparity exists. If one spouse gave up a career to
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Regaining Custody From an Unfit Parent in Colorado

An unfit parent is incapable of reasonably and prudently caring for a child in his or her ward. The parent may be mentally unstable, abusive, neglectful or otherwise unable to provide proper care to the child. Keeping a child in the custody of an unfit parent can lead to tragedies. If you
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5 Pros and Cons of a Prenuptial Agreement

Most people do not anticipate divorce when walking down the aisle on their wedding day. Yet unforeseen problems may arise in the future. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document, signed before marriage, that determines property division and other terms should the couple divorce. Review some of the pros and cons of
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Colorado Child Custody: How is Legal Paternity Determined?

By:  Jessica A. Bryant Issue of establishing paternity are something I have seen in child custody, divorce, and separate paternity or child support actions. Most people have the belief that a child’s legal paternity is the same as their biological paternity, except in cases of adoption; however, that is not always the
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Types of Adoption in Colorado

Colorado laws define several different types of adoption. The more you know about each type, the easier it will be to choose the one that best suits your needs. Adoption is a complex area of law in Colorado. Before you make your decision, speak to a professional for more in-depth information. Domestic
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How to Distinguish Separate and Marital Property in a Divorce

Property distribution is one of the most difficult aspects of a typical divorce case. Both spouses may wish to keep shared assets such as real estate or vehicles, leading to a contested divorce. In Colorado, the courts allow divorcing couples to determine property division before forcing a judge to intervene. If the
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Colorado Extreme Risk Protection Orders

By: Jessica A. Saldin During the 2019 regular session, Colorado’s legislature passed a new law regarding protection orders.  This law did not replace or change the old law; it simply forms a separate protection order basis.  This new law governs what are now called “Extreme Risk Protection Orders.”  This new law allows
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