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Highlands Ranch Marital Property Division Lawyers

Highlands Ranch Property DivisionThe family law attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. have been successfully representing Highlands Ranch divorce clients since 1999. In a Colorado divorce, any property acquired during the marriage may be deemed “marital property” and subject to division by the court. Dividing marital property in a divorce can be simple or complex, depending on the assets involved.  You may have many questions about how this process will affect your financial future or how separate assets will be treated. At Plog & Stein, P.C., we understand the complicated issues that can arise when dividing property in your divorce case. Our Highlands Ranch marital property division lawyers are here to help you make sense of the various assets involved in your case, with a nuanced analysis of what you are entitled to at the end of the dissolution process.

Protecting and Preserving Valuable Assets During Your Divorce

“Equitable division” of marital property is the law in Colorado. Though courts most often view this to mean an equal division, there can be gray areas, as well as arguments as to why an unequal distribution would be fair. You need a skilled attorneys with experience in marital property division during a divorce to assist you with the intricacies that can arise. Real estate property values in Highlands Ranch are on the rise and the economy has gotten stronger over the last few years. This means there is likely more for any family to divide, including real estate, retirement accounts, investment accounts, motor vehicles, and more.

The Denver family law attorneys at Plog & Stein recognize that different types of assets are treated differently, from both a valuation and a division standpoint. Dealing with the disposition of the marital home may be more complex than dividing up a 401K. Conversely, the tax and cash flow consequences of dividing up a retirement account will be different from that of the home. With any case, our goal is to obtain property division orders mapped up with the law and our clients’ needs. As such, we approach each case from an analytical and realistic perspective, which entails providing our clients sound and experienced advice along the way.

Property division can be a complex endeavor. Sometimes there is a business to value. In other cases, there may be a need to get not only current but also historical values on a home or pension account. It is not uncommon for attorney to need experts in the field of valuing a specific item of property. Additionally, there are cases in which a forensic accountant may be necessary to trace hidden assets. Part of our practice entails working with experts in property valuation whose opinions may be used for settlement or courtroom purposes. Not every case comes with significant complexities or a need for experts, and most are fairly straightforward. Whatever your needs are, our legal team is ready to meet them and to protect your interests when it comes time to divide the marital estate.

Other issues tied into the allocation of property in your Highlands Ranch divorce may include dividing marital debt or dealing with premarital agreements, which can affect the authority a court may have to allocate assets at divorce. Having a law firm with the experience and skills to deal with the whole spectrum of property division issues can greatly impact your case.

Property Division Attorneys Guarding Your Highlands Ranch Assets

Because of our decades of experience in family law, the attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. know how to get creative in property division negotiations. We will work with you to analyze all of your martial resources and determine the best course of action to take to work towards your financial goals and well-being. You may be in a situation where you believe the other party in your divorce is failing to disclose all of your marital assets and liabilities. You may be working to enforce a premarital agreement. Or you may have complex financial investments that you made with your partner during your marriage. No matter what your situation, it is critical that you speak with an experienced Highlands Ranch property division attorney to ensure that the other party is being forthcoming and to work to guarantee that your property is fairly divided. Call us about your case today at (303) 781-0322 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

We Also Help Enforce Your Property Orders After the Divorce is Done

In some cases, getting court orders dividing the marital estate is only part of the proverbial battle.  After the divorce case is done, issues can still arise regarding the actual division of the assets.  Sometimes, measures are necessary to ensure compliance with the actual division plan.   Many retirement accounts, such as 401K’s or pensions will need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order for division, so as to avoid tax consequences.   This process requires cooperation from both parties.  Likewise, an order to sell real estate is different from the real estate actually being sold.  One side or the other may not cooperate with the realtor, showings, etc.   There might be disagreement as to listing price or offers.  In other cases, one spouse may need to refinance the marital home and pull out equity to pay the other.  Not everyone complies with orders in a timely fashion.

While we work to make sure agreements or orders have necessary details before the divorce is done, sometimes people who’ve done their divorce on their own, or used another attorneys, come to us, after the fact, to help them clean up messes or tie up loose ends.  This can include seeking additional orders or starting Contempt of Court proceedings to gain the other spouse’s compliance.   In other cases, further terms may need to be negotiated.  Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself needing assistance with enforcing your court orders regarding division of your marital property, or marital debt,  we’re here to help.   The first step in the process will be the scheduling of a consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys to get an assessment of your situation and a plan for dealing with it.