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Flat Fee and Unbundled Hourly Services

Plog & Stein, P.C. has represented countless men and women in all sorts of family law cases. This generally entails being formally hired, or retained, to enter onto a court case, with representation continuing until the final hearing or even after it has been finalized. However, not all people need an experienced family law attorney for a case. Some people just need a little work done in a cost-effective, no strings attached manner. This can include people just needing some time to sit down with an attorney to have their case assessed or get some questions answered. Some might need the help and expertise of an attorney to draft a motion, response, or other legal paperwork. No task is too small and our attorneys are here to meet the needs of clients just wanting a little help.

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As people often need the assistance of an attorney, but may not need or want the commitment of a full retainer or an on-going contract, our Denver divorce attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. offer “unbundled” or bit-and-piece work services. These services can include a one hour consultation session, at which the attorney is essentially available for an hour, or longer if needed, to give advice, discuss a case, help a client with drafting his or her own documents, or whatever may need to be done during that session. The charge for the first hour’s time with one of the attorneys on our team is generally $200 for the first hour.

Beyond sitting down for a formal consultation session, our attorneys also offer drafting services. An attorney does not need to be on a legal case to draft documents for a client. Pursuant to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 11, attorneys can draft court pleadings and other legal papers for litigants so long as they put a certification on the document indicating they have drafted it for the party.

Our firm has assisted people with drafting:

  • Motions
  • Responses
  • Replies
  • Financial disclosures
  • Orders
  • Stipulations (agreements)
  • Wage garnishments
  • Contempt papers
  • Support judgments
  • Entire divorce packets

The work we do is generally done at the client’s pace, though we can generate the documents requested quickly, if needed. Drafting also comes with our staff mailing documents and instructions for filing with the court. Our goal is to provide fast and thorough drafting services, while also providing quality work that will be persuasive to the court and the other side. We assess the charge for the drafting based on the amount of time we believe will be needed, and factoring in the hourly rate of the attorney doing the drafting. Our rates with drafting or other unbundled services are designed to be fair and affordable.

Additional Services Offered By Our Skilled Denver Divorce Lawyers

In addition to drafting, we also offer additional services, short of being formally retained, which will generally be billed at the attorney’s hourly rate. This can include communicating with the other side regarding settlement or court preparation. It can also include attending mediation or additional, multiple consultation sessions. It just can’t include going to court without being formally retained. In essence, our attorneys are available to “rent” for whatever family law services a customer might need.

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Often times, people find themselves needing us for additional work or formal representation in their case. Our attorneys are readily available to move forward with actual representation on a divorce, custody, or child support case should further help be needed. Our goal is to provide efficient services in a user-friendly and cost effective manner. Let us assist you with your small, and large, legal needs.

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