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Child CustodyCustody matters, perhaps the most important issue to our metropolitan area clients, are a major part of the Plog & Stein, P.C. family law practice. As most divorce cases involve children, custody is generally an aspect of all of our cases. In Colorado, courts hear individual custody cases or deal with custody matters as part of a divorce. In light of this, our experienced Denver child custody attorneys are skilled at litigating all aspects of custody and divorce cases, including the most complex. This includes an array of insights and tools to effectively litigate custody matters, including the use of experts enlisted to investigate and report on your concerns.

Our firm can help you with child custody matters involving:

  • Establishment of physical custody
  • Visitation
  • Decision-making
  • Modifications
  • Emergency issues
  • Child relocation
  • Contempt of court
  • Paternity
  • Child support

As no two Colorado family law cases are exactly alike, our attorneys take a personalized approach to handling custody matters. We work closely with clients to understand their current situation and goals - and make sure to reconcile their needs in the best interests of the child. As such, we encourage amicable resolutions to custody matters, yet we understand that sometimes a trial may be the most favorable option.

Aside from knowing the laws related to custody and visitation, the attorneys at Plog & Stein continuously engage in efforts to know our courts and judges in terms of how they are likely to rule in any given custody situation. Though no attorney has a crystal ball, we believe that knowledge is power in that having an insight as to how a particular judge might rule or a county’s procedures can greatly benefit a client when it comes to making decisions.

Whatever the situation may be, our legal team at Plog & Stein, P.C. is prepared to help you explore all of your available options and pursue the best possible outcome. To learn more about your rights and options call us at (303) 781-0322 to speak with a child custody attorney in the Denver area for free.

What Does Child Custody or Parental Responsibility Entail?

In Colorado, the term "custody" is no longer used in statute. However it is still the term used by most people. Starting in 1999, the term "custody" was replaced with the term "parental responsibility." Custody used to be divided into two facets, "physical custody", meaning with whom the children will reside primarily, and "legal custody", meaning who will have the right to make major decisions for the children. In most instances, both parties share joint parental responsibility as to the making of major decisions for the children, or what used to be termed "legal custody." In Colorado, custody and visitation orders end when the child turns 18 years of age.

Today, "custody" or "parental responsibility" entails three primary areas:

  • Who the children will live with
  • Who has the right to make major decisions for them
  • What will visitation ("parenting time") be for the non-custodial parent

Each custody case can have its own set of facts and circumstances and each family, or child is different. As child custody lawyers in Denver, our firm deals with a wide array of issues, including domestic violence, drug or alcohol problems, and mental health concerns which may have an impact on a case. As part of our practice, we also deal with actions to prevent children from danger, or to ensure that visitation orders are being followed. Likewise, our attorney can advise you on the need for experts in your case to investigate and report on issues related to your children and custody. Each case is important to us, no matter how complex or how small the custody or visitation issue.

Multiple Aspects of Our Child Custody Practice

The initial establishment of child custody orders is only part of the picture. The Denver child custody lawyers at Plog & Stein are there for clients for years beyond the end of the initial divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities case. Each attorney is adept at dealing with everything that comes afterwards.

Modifications of Parenting Time are probably the most common post-decree child custody issue that arises. As with all aspects of life, things change over time. Kids get older, and their needs or schedules change. Parents’ work schedules or living situations might also change. Perhaps the primary parent needs to relocate for work purposes, thereby throwing the current parenting schedule into disarray. Fortunately, C.R.S. 14-10-29 affords provisions for modifying parenting time based on various circumstances and legal standards. While less drastic changes to the visitations schedule are covered under the “best interest of the child” standard set forth in C.R.S. 14-10-124, generally an “endangerment” standard is applied when one parent seeks to wrestle primary residential custody from the other parent. In emergencies requiring immediate relief from the court, the standard is “imminent danger,” with the goal of making sure children are physically and emotionally safe. Finally, there is a completely different set of standards the court must look at when the primary parent seeks to relocate in a geographically significant sense. Our attorneys are on top of each of these standards and we know what is needed to effectively advocate for you when dealing with the parenting time orders in your child custody case.

We are also there for our clients when issues arise regarding the enforcement of parenting time and parental responsibilities orders. Over many years, we seen many cases in which one parent violates the court-ordered visitation schedule. Sometimes people come to us when this pattern has gone on for way too long. As advocates for our clients, one of our goals is to assess and determine the best course of action, for not only ensuring that parenting time resumes, but also to hopefully curtail further violations. C.R.S. 14-10-129.5 provides significant relief options to the aggrieved parent, as well as various penalties, including an award of attorney fees against the violating party. Courts take visitation orders seriously and we do, too, regardless of which parent we are representing.

When parental responsibilities or decision-making orders are being violated, a contempt of court motion may be needed to ensure our clients’ rights are being afforded them. Likewise, when decision-making orders are just not working, modifications can be had under C.R.S. 14-10-131. When it comes to dealing with decision-making orders, it’s important for your attorney to understand the legal standards at play and what a court is likely to do in any given situation. In each case, we utilize our years of experience and sole focus on family law to ensure our client’s are treated fairly when it comes to dealing with the legal aspects of their divorce or child custody cases.

Looking for Well-Versed Representation? Turn to Our Denver Custody and Family Law Firm for Help!

At Plog & Stein, P.C. our attorneys take your custody matters very seriously. With each client, we analyze the case from a comprehensive approach. Our Denver child custody lawyers are armed with more than 50 years of combined experience, legal knowledge, and insights to help you strive for the best possible outcome for yourself and your children. Whether a minor visitation issue or a complex matter requiring the assistance of experts, your custody case matters and merits high-quality legal attention.

To enlist our personalized legal services for your custody case, contact us as soon as possible.
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His passion and ferocity kept me going through this long ordeal.
When I first came to Plog & Stein it was simply discuss the renegotiation of child support. Little did I know that within 72 hours I would be retaining Steve Plog for a custody battle. His passion and ferocity kept me going through this long ordeal. I have recommended him to my friends and I would recommend him to anyone with who wants honest and effective representation.
I recommend Sarah and the attorneys at Plog & Stein to anyone that has these types of family issues and need strong, knowledgeable representation.
I am thankful for the job Sarah McCain did for me in my fight with my ex-wife for visitation rights with my daughter. Sarah and the team at Plog & Stein handled my case in an efficient, affordable, and professional manner. Sarah negotiated a new parenting plan as well as acceptable visiting rights and even a favorable modification in my child support. I recommend Sarah and the attorneys at Plog & Stein to anyone that has these types of family issues and need strong, knowledgeable representation.
At the end of the day he was able to produce a settlement that was fair to both parties.
I highly recommend Stephen Plog for anyone in need of a top notch domestic relations attorney. After a 27 year marriage, Stephen represented me in a complicated and sometimes bitter divorce with many unique challenges. At the end of the day he was able to produce a settlement that was fair to both parties but limited my alimony payments to only 3 years. He is smart, cuts to the chase, knows the court system in the Denver metropolitan area and can be trusted to get his clients the best possible settlement.
Their service was outstanding, with prompt responses to all of my questions.
Sarah McCain and Plog & Stein were wonderful to me during such a difficult time in my life. Their service was outstanding, with prompt responses to all of my questions and creative ideas throughout the proceedings to help things go smoothly. Sarah's compassion, patience, and expertise were especially invaluable to me. I highly recommend them.