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Arapahoe County Child Support Attorney

Initial child support litigation generally arises due to disagreements as to what figures go into the child support calculation, with the primary variable argued over being income. However, there are many additional intricacies that can arise when establishing a monthly child support amount or when dealing with other financial issues tied into the raising of a child. Sometimes in acrimonious divorce or custody cases, parents are resentful about paying the other parent. Conversely, some parents believe they are entitled to more than the law allows. Throughout a child’s life, it is important for parents to keep in mind that child support is for the children, not the other parent. The obligation to pay child support in Colorado usually lasts until the child turns 19. Child support can be modified until that time. As such, the monthly amount initially ordered can change multiple times over the life of a child.

The Arapahoe County child support attorneys at Plog & Stein, P.C. are highly experienced when it comes to dealing with all aspects of child support. Our firm’s primary goal when dealing with child support cases is making sure that our clients are treated fairly throughout the court process. To do so, we pay particular attention to detail and all factors leading up the establishment of a monthly child support amount. In Colorado, child support is calculated based on a statutory formula. As with any equation, the final result depends on the information used. Although determining monthly child support can often be a black-and-white mathematical calculation, having a trustworthy and careful attorney who can fully explore any complexities in your case will help ensure your child is appropriately supported, and that support is calculated pursuant to the law. Serving clients in Arapahoe County and beyond, the child support attorneys of Plog & Stein, P.C. are diligent advocates with a nuanced understanding of family law and the various factors that may bear on the calculation of child support. Contact us today!

How Is Child Support Calculated in Arapahoe County?

In Colorado, child support is calculated using statutory guidelines set forth in C.R.S. 14-10-115. The primary factors going into a child support calculation are the parents’ incomes, the number of parenting time overnights each parent spends with a child, day care costs, and the cost of monthly health insurance.

These variables are plugged into a software program that calculates the monthly support amount pursuant to statute. The majority of child support litigation arises related to what figures will be used. Helping Arapahoe County residents, the experienced child support lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. are well versed in litigating what figures will be used to arrive at that monthly amount and understand the importance of making sure that the end result maps up with the financial realities at hand, and the law.

Beyond the initial establishment of child support, the experienced lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. work to help our clients with other support issues, including:

Helping You Protect Your Children’s Financial Interests

We understand how important your children are to you, as well as how hard you may have worked to build a degree of financial security. Our goal is to guide you through the court process when dealing with all child financial issues. With years of experience litigating child support cases in Arapahoe County, we are keenly aware of court procedures and what it takes to ensure you are treated fairly. Contact Plog & Stein, P.C., experienced Arapahoe County child support lawyers, via our online form or call us at (303) 781-0322 to speak with an attorney for FREE regarding your child support matter.

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