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Divorce and Alimony

With our focus solely on family law, the divorce lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. are extremely familiar with the factors involved in determining alimony (“maintenance”) in Colorado family law cases. Helping our clients during this time of transition is what we do best and what we have been doing for our clients for many years. For many, spousal support is a major aspect of their financial planning going into divorce. Receiving or paying alimony can affect your standard of living and financial future for years after your divorce is done. Having a Denver alimony attorneys at your side who can help you grasp the big picture of your finances is vital to making sure your divorce is resolved fairly. Understanding the serious financial impact divorce can have, our firm takes each case extremely seriously. Our skilled attorneys are ready to protect your rights, no matter what side of the alimony equation you fall on. With over 70 years of combined experience, we know what you’re going through and what’s needed to properly negotiate or ligate your case.

  • Establishing Spousal Maintenance
  • Modifications of Alimony Orders
  • Enforcement of Alimony Orders
  • Defending against Alimony Claims

Litigating Alimony in Your Divorce

Spousal support cases in Colorado are governed by C.R.S. 14-10-114, which lists factors the divorce court must consider when assessing an alimony argument. Section 114 also sets forth an income driven formula, applicable to families with a combined gross income of under $360,000 per year, which must at least be considered by the court when determining whether alimony will be paid and what the monthly amount should be. Understanding the law and strictures of statute in only half the battle, and that’s where we come in. Beyond our firm grasp of the law, we are here to help clients navigate through the court process. We know what information is needed to make informed decisions regarding settlement or proceeding to trial. In any case, income is going to be the primary factoring tied into alimony. However, income is not always straight forward and legal arguments can ensue regarding what counts as income or what specific figures should be used.

Each divorce lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. is skilled at negotiating settlement of your case. When dealing with any issue, including alimony, the hope is that the case can be settled without the need for a court hearing. As such, we will work hard to resolve your matter amicably. To do so, takes thoroughly assessing the finances of the parties, mapped up with the law, and formulating a concise strategy or plan for persuading the other side to agree. When that doesn’t happen, we use that same thoroughness and attention to detail to prepare for court. Of course, this includes preparing our clients to testify. Regardless of methodology, the primary goal we adhere to is the best possible outcome for you, the client.

Our firm handles alimony and divorce cases throughout the Colorado, with offices conveniently located in both the DTC and Broomfield. Whether you’re going through a divorce or dealing with a modification of alimony under C.R.S. 14-10-122, we can help. Additionally, we can assist in enforcing your alimony orders and helping to make sure the other side is compliant and actually pays.

Reliable, Experienced Divorce Attorneys Working for You

Alimony matters are very important as they can affect your life for years after your divorce is finalized. Beyond issues of support or diminished cash flow for the payer, spousal maintenance orders can impact even tangential aspects of your life. For example, spousal support payments can be considered income for mortgage qualification purposes, with certain constraints. It doesn’t matter whether you are the payer or payee of maintenance, a divorce attorneys with a firm grasp of all the laws involved and, therefore, knowledge of how they will affect your specific circumstances, will help your case tremendously. The Denver family law lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. not only understand the laws involved but stand ready to fight aggressively to protect your interests in your alimony case. Call us at (303) 781-0322 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.