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Visitation Parenting Time

Virtual Visitation in Parenting Time Schedules

By: Stephen Plog Virtual visitation refers to using technology to keep a parent connected to his or her child after a divorce or child custody case. It may take the place of in-person visitation as part of a child custody order or parenting plan agreement if the circumstances permit. Virtual visitation has
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Tips on Negotiating a Holiday Visitation Schedule

By: Sarah T. McCain Sharing child custody after a divorce can be especially difficult around the holidays. Both parents want to ensure the protection of their custodial rights. If you and your partner are getting a divorce, plan for how you will divide or share custody and visitation around the holidays. If
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Dealing With Custody and Visitation Orders During the Pandemic

One of the many things the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has affected is child custody. Divorced parents have struggled with sticking to their custody agreements amid child safety concerns and stay-at-home orders. Despite the challenges parents are facing, they must lawfully continue to obey custody and visitation orders. Parents who are having trouble with
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Failure to Exercise Court Ordered Parenting Time (Part 1)

By: Stephen J. Plog Over decades of practicing family law in Colorado, I have seen most imaginable case scenarios and have been asked more questions that I can remember.  Every once in a while I am presented with something that does not come along every day.  One such question is, “what can
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Defending Against a Motion to Restrict Parenting Time

By: Sarah T. McCain It can sometimes come as a surprise when you are served with a Motion to Restrict Parenting Time by your child’s other parent.  However, if they are represented by an attorney, it shouldn’t.  Pursuant to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, attorneys are under a duty to confer
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Regaining Custody From an Unfit Parent in Colorado

An unfit parent is incapable of reasonably and prudently caring for a child in his or her ward. The parent may be mentally unstable, abusive, neglectful or otherwise unable to provide proper care to the child. Keeping a child in the custody of an unfit parent can lead to tragedies. If you
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Colorado Child Custody: Parenting Time and Infants

By: Jessica A. Saldin A common question for all people with children facing a divorce case or custody matter is what a typical parenting time schedule may be.  That question is all the more unique, and complex, for divorce and custody cases involving infants and very young children. Unfortunately, it is not an
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