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Westminster Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Lawyer in Westminster, COWestminster parents going through a divorce or child custody case often also deal with the issue of child support. Determining who will pay what in a child custody arrangement can be another emotionally fraught situation for you and your family.

At Plog & Stein, P.C., our team of Westminster child support lawyers understands the delicate balance of issues going into your family law case when children are involved. With any child support case, we utilize our six decades of combined legal experience towards making sure that our clients are treated fairly when it comes to child support matters.

Westminster child support cases can be heard in either Adams or Jefferson County, depending on what part of town the parties live in. As such, our attorneys are abreast of court procedures and practices in either venue.

Understanding Child Support Rights and Responsibilities in Westminster

The State of Colorado recognizes that parents have an obligation to financially support their children, and child support is meant to be solely for the benefit of the children. The courts base the allocation of child support on a statutory formula to determine the appropriate monthly payment owed for the support of a child or children.

The most significant factor taken into consideration in the determination of Westminster child support is the income of each party. While the mathematical formula used to make these decisions is relatively straight-forward, the factors going into the equation, such as income, can quickly become complicated. For example, when one party is not working, underemployed, or not working at a level consistent with their employment capabilities, the family law judge has the authority to use an income amount for the party in question based on what the court believes they should be making, not what they are actually making.

Other primary factors used in the statutory formula for child support include the number of children, the number of overnights the child spends with each parent, day care costs, and health insurance costs. In certain situations, children of other relationships can also affect the child support calculation.

Child support obligations in Colorado continue until the child turns 19 years old. However, there are some statutory exceptions, such as the disability of a child, which can extend support payments to beyond age 19. Dealing with child support can be an on-going, continuous litigation process, as incomes and financial circumstances change over the years. It is not uncommon to see child support modified multiple times over the life of a case. The attorneys at Plog & Stein are ready to assist Westminster child support clients from the beginning of a case until the last child is emancipated.

Consult With a Westminster Attorneys Regarding Your Child Support Matter

At Plog & Stein, our Westminster child support attorneys understand all that goes into a complicated child support case. We have the experience to help you with all of your family law needs, including initial determinations, modifications, collection of past due support, enforcement of child support orders, dealing with Child Support Enforcement Agencies, visitation, and spousal support. Call us, today, at 303-781-0322, or contact us via our website regarding your Westminster child support matter.