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Westminster Child Custody Lawyers

Child Custody Attorney in WestminsterChild custody matters are perhaps the most important issues our clients face, and many family law and divorce cases involve children. Given our sole focus on family law, child custody is a common element in most of our cases. For this reason, our Westminster child custody attorneys provide top notch, experienced representation in all simple and complex custody matters, both in and out of the courtroom.

Our goal is to ensure good outcomes for all of our clients, including those with child custody needs. Let us put over 70 years of combined family law experience to work for when the time comes to resolve custody and visitation concerns.

Understanding Child Custody Rights and Responsibilities in Westminster, CO

In the state of Colorado, the term “custody” is no longer used in statue and has been replaced with the term “parental responsibility.” “Parental responsibility” covers three major factors in child custody – who the children will live with, who has the right to make major decisions for them, and how visitation rights (or “parenting time”) will be allocated between the parties.

According to C.R.S. 14-10-123.4, “The general assembly hereby declares that children have certain rights in the determination of matters relating to parental responsibilities, including the right to have such determinations based upon the best interests of the child.”

This means that the courts will determine parental responsibilities based on whatever is best for the child or children, not what is most convenient for the adults. Many factors come into play to make this determination. These factors can include:

  • each parent’s involvement in the child’s life,
  • child’s stability and comfort in his/her home and school,
  • any mental or physical health concerns,
  • domestic violence,
  • drug or alcohol problems, and
  • any additional factors impacting a child’s best interest.

A grandparent may also seek custody of children in certain situations with the assistance of a Westminster child custody lawyer. This usually occurs when parents have been absent or neglectful and a grandparent has stepped in as a primary caregiver for the children.

For a non-parent to seek custody, the child cannot be in the care of either parent at the time the case has commenced or the child must have been in the physical care of the grandparent for a period of six months or more which ended less than six months before the filing of the case. Grandparents also have the right to seek visitation in certain cases, pursuant to C.R.S. 19-1-117.

Every family and every child is different. When it comes to fighting for custody of your children, you will undoubtedly have many questions and wonder where to start. During this emotionally turbulent time, contact our skilled legal team of child custody attorney in Westminster to discuss your situation and how we can help.

Consult with a Skilled Child Custody Attorneys near Westminster

The city of Westminster is centrally located between Denver and Boulder, in the North Metro area, and is only a short drive from our Broomfield location. With parts of Westminster in both Jefferson and Adams counties, having an attorney who understands the procedures and system in either court matters.

If you are filing for the allocation of parental responsibilities and need a partner in your Westminster child custody or divorce case, contact us today. We are highly skilled at dealing with all child custody matters including:

At Plog & Stein, P.C., we will work diligently to strive for the best possible outcome for you and your children. Call us today at 303-781-0322 or contact us to set up an appointment.