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Six of the Strangest U.S. Divorce Laws

Divorce laws can be complex, but some of them can even be downright strange. The following is a list of six strange divorce laws that are actually still on the books:

  1. In New York, any kind of professional degree or license, like a nursing or law degree, can be considered marital property during a divorce. The value of the degree (based on earning potential) may be considered by a judge when dividing property.
  2. According to the Alienation of Affection Law in New Mexico and Mississippi. a scorned spouse may sue an ex-spouse’s lover for damages for causing their marriage to fail.
  3. Repeat Remarriage in Kentucky. In Kentucky, it is illegal to remarry the same person four times.
  4. A man’s mistreatment of his mother-in-law cannot be cited as grounds for divorce in Wichita, Kansas.
  5. In Tennessee, if your spouse attempts to kill you in a “malicious manner,” such as by poisoning, this is grounds for a divorce. However, the law says nothing about attempted murder that does not involve “malice.”
  6. A Delaware law allows spouses who married each other as a joke or dare to get an annulment. Likewise, Colorado Revised Statutes section 14-10-111 allows for a marriage to be declared invalid if entered into based on “dare or jest.”

These bizarre laws actually exist! You may not have ever heard of them before, but just think how many other divorce laws you have never heard of. That is why if you are considering a divorce in the state of Colorado, it is important to work with someone who knows divorce law inside and out.

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