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FREE Divorce and Real Estate Seminar- June 15, 2016

FREE Divorce and Real Estate seminar! June 15, 2016 at 6 p.m. 18801 E. Main Street, Suite 250, Parker. Call Plog & Stein at (303) 781-0322 to reserve your seat or email us through the firm website.  Seating is limited.

In conjunction with a local, Parker Colorado real estate agent who is certified as a specialist in divorce and real estate, and a local mortgage broker, Stephen Plog will be speaking at a bi-monthly real estate seminar focusing on real estate and divorce.

Mr. Plog’s portion of the seminar will discuss the implications of Colorado divorce and real property, whether related to a primary residence, investment property, or other real estate.   When dealing with divorce and your home, there are various outcomes which can happen.  There are also many things to consider, such as whether to keep the property or sell it, how to deal with a jointly financed property, and more.

Learn your options and rights when it comes time to resolve how your home will be handled as part of the dissolution of your marriage.  Colorado’s real estate market is booming, including in Douglas County. Making sense of how to handle your real property in this market matters.   Understanding how to keep the equity you are likely entitled to is a key part of any divorce negotiations or litigation.

In addition to Mr. Plog, the seminar is hosted by Krissi Spohn, with Coldwell Banker.  Krissi brings a unique perspective to the table in that she is certified in divorce and real estate and understands what people are going through.   As part of her training, Krissi prides herself on listening to people dealing with a real estate transaction as part of a divorce and understanding their specific needs.  Her goal is striving to make an unpleasant situation better by offering options and steering clients towards optimal outcomes in their real estate endeavors.

The third speaker in the seminar is John Jarvis, with New American Funding.   As an experienced mortgage professional, John is skilled in dealing with both new home purchases and refinancing.  This includes understanding the ins and outs of refinancing tied into a divorce and property settlement.   In John’s portion of the seminar, he will touch on issues such as what it takes to qualify, including how allocated debt, child support, and maintenance (alimony) can have an impact on the party wishing to refinance.    These divorce related items can also have an impact on the party seeking to buy a new home once their divorce case is done.

Going back to the real estate and mortgage crisis of 2007/08, the attorneys at Plog & Stein saw an alarming trend in which real property was more of a liability than an asset.   During the following few years, foreclosures and short sales became common place, even as related to some higher end homes.  In the divorce setting, it was more common than not that neither husband or wife wanted the property. Ultimately, the biggest battle became over who was going to keep the depreciating asset and debt that came with it.   Fortunately, things have rebounded such that people now want to keep their homes or have equity to realize in them.    As a significant marital asset subject to division, your real property and rights in in matter.

Come join us on June 15, 2016 to learn about your rights and options related to your home and your future.

*Information provided at the seminar should not be construed as legal advice and does not, nor is intended to, create an attorney-client relationship.

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Stephen Plog, co-founder of Plog & Stein, P.C. in 1999, is a dedicated family law attorney with almost two decades of expertise in Denver. Focused exclusively on family law since 2001, he excels in both intricate legal writing and courtroom litigation, having navigated cases in all Denver metropolitan area District Courts. Steve’s comprehensive background, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a law degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law, underscores his commitment to providing insightful and personalized representation in family law matters.