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Do You Know About These Early Warning Signs of Divorce?

As family law attorneys, we handle countless divorce filings. In our many years of practice, we have seen a number of divorces that resulted from common warning signs that went unnoticed or ignored during a marriage.

Warning signs that a divorce may be imminent include:

  • Indifference to feelings: Couples who take no joy in making each other happy are not actively working towards a healthy marriage.
  • Knowing that you are drifting apart and doing nothing about it: Marriage is hard work, and nearly all couples will experience rough patches at one point or another. It is one thing to recognize a problem, but failing to care enough to fix it could indicate a far more serious cause for concern.
  • Socializing without one another: Being married does not mean you can’t have your own social life, but constantly spending time apart is not ideal. If there is barely anything that you and your spouse enjoy doing together, it may be time to consider moving on.
  • Constant complaining: When communication with your spouse is limited to negative interactions and complaints, this may signal a need to step back and re-evaluate the health of your marriage.
  • Change of temperament: You may have been all smiles at your wedding, but if you or your spouse find yourselves quick to anger and constantly in a bad mood when you’re together, divorce may be imminent.
  • Putting each other down: Routinely belittling the goals, appearance, or ambitions of a spouse is not a part of a healthy marriage and may indicate that spouses are not right for each other.
  • Fighting over little things: All couples bicker from time to time – disagreements are an inevitable part of any relationship. But fighting over small, meaningless things should not occur more frequently than the time you get along.
  • Lack of communication: Communication is key to any marriage. Many divorced couples cite lack of conflict resolution or the inability to negotiate as one of the biggest factors in their split.
  • Prioritizing others over a spouse: A healthy relationship should include time with your spouse. If you find yourself unwilling to spend any quality time with your partner, this could be compromising the strength of your marriage.

While everyone’s situation is different, it is rare for a marriage to reach the divorce stage without any warning signs in between. Many people are not aware of what these indicators look like, or are even prepared for how a divorce will affect their individual lives. With all of the complexities divorce law entails, it is important to speak with an attorney to discuss your situation and learn how a divorce will affect you legally and financially.

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Stephen Plog, co-founder of Plog & Stein, P.C. in 1999, is a dedicated family law attorney with almost two decades of expertise in Denver. Focused exclusively on family law since 2001, he excels in both intricate legal writing and courtroom litigation, having navigated cases in all Denver metropolitan area District Courts. Steve’s comprehensive background, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a law degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law, underscores his commitment to providing insightful and personalized representation in family law matters.