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Divorce and General Family Law Knowledge

Custody & Telephone Visitation (Part 1)

By: Stephen J. Plog Custody attorneys are keenly aware of the major and minor issues to be dealt with in divorce or custody cases. Of course, the major issues primarily relate to legal custody (parental responsibility regarding the making of major decisions), visitation (parenting time), and primary residential custody. Though the core

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Divorce and Discovery (Part 2)

Earlier this month, we posted the first part of this article, setting for the basics of what family law attorneys call “discovery.” As previously indicated, discovery is generally issued in divorce, custody, or child support cases when one side believes more information is needed. This can include a heightened request for documents,

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Divorce and Discovery (Part 1)

In any Denver area divorce or custody case, each side is going to be required to complete and exchange regular financial disclosures pursuant to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 16.2. Normal financial disclosures will include drafting what is called a “Sworn Financial Statement,” which is a document essentially setting forth

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