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Parenting Time in Castle RockObtaining parenting time (visitation) orders can be a large part of any child custody case or divorce with children. Most parents want as much time with their children as possible and want to make sure a schedule is formulated which best suits a child’s needs. But what’s normal or fair? What type of schedule will the court order? These are the types of questions parenting time attorneys with experience helping clients in Castle Rock and throughout Douglas County can answer. With over 70 years of combined legal experience, the family law attorneys at Plog & Stein understand that making sure workable visitation orders are in place is a top priority for many of our clients with children. Beyond the initial establishment of your parenting time schedule, our legal team can also help with:

The trusted lawyers at Plog & Stein, P.C. are here to guide you through the first steps of a parenting time dispute to your final hearing.

Defending Your Parenting Time Rights in Castle Rock

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute Section 14-10-124, courts are required to make determinations tied into parenting time in the best interest of a child. Though “best interest” is not explicitly defined, Section 124 sets forth various factors that the court should look at, including each parent’s involvement with the child, their time commitment to the child, and their ability to promote a relationship between the child and the other parent. Over the last decade, most family law courts have leaned towards allocating parenting time equally between parents, absent a reason to do something other than 50/50. In reality, various factors can affect what the base schedule will be, including kids’ ages, the distance between homes, or perhaps safety concerns tied into a parent’s behavior or mental health. In other cases, a child may have significant needs which one of the parents is better equipped to deal with. Each family and child is different and having an attorney who can assess your situation and strategically map out your options for either settling or litigating your parenting time issues can make the difference when it comes time to make significant decisions.

As circumstances can change over time, statute recognizes that visitation schedules may require modifications over the years. Beyond modifications to parenting time basics, such as the regular schedule or holiday time, C.R.S. 14-10-129 also contains provisions and standards for dealing with relocation matters and parenting time emergencies. When the primary parent seeks to relocate in a geographically significant fashion which will impact parenting time, s/he will need to either obtain permission from the other parent or a court order. In relocation cases, there is not only debate over whether the primary parent can move the child, but also what the modified visitation schedule should be if the move is allowed. With parenting time emergencies, 129(4) sets forth procedures for seeking a restriction of parenting time based on imminent physical or emotional danger to a child. At Plog & Stein, our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to handling all types of parenting time cases.

There are also steps you can take if your parenting time orders are not being followed; Colorado family law judges take parenting time orders very seriously. Specifically, C.R.S. 14-10-129.5 is designed to deal with violations of parenting time orders and is the preferred statutory section for dealing with those transgressions. Under 129.5, the court can enter an array of orders, including make up time, sanctions, attorney fees, and even contempt like remedies. If the other party is disregarding your parenting time rights, don’t wait to speak with one of our skilled family law attorneys.

Whatever your parenting time concerns may be, the family law attorneys at Plog & Stein will be there for you when the time comes to seek resolution. Our attorneys are equally skilled when it comes to either negotiating a fair outcome or resolving your matter in the courtroom. We understand nothing matters more than the future of both you and your children.

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