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What is an Expert and Why are Experts Involved in Divorce Cases?

By: Plog & Stein PC An expert is somebody who is uniquely qualified by his/her education, knowledge and experience to offer opinions regarding matters that are scientific, technical or that require specialized knowledge. See C.R.E. Rule 702. Although any witness could potentially by certified as an expert by the court if he/she
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2019 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws (Part 2)

By: Jessica A. Saldin One of our recent blog posts detailed some fairly significant changes to the Colorado child support law as relates to the consideration of voluntary unemployment and underemployment.  However, those changes are not the only changes passed by the legislature.  This article will detail some of the additional changes
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2019 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws

By: Stephen J. Plog As July 1 soon approaches, it’s that time of year again when revisions to Colorado statutes often come into effect.  Family law statutes related to divorce, child custody, and child support are no exception to this phenomenon.   While things do not generally change too radically, even simple,
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What is Legal Separation and is it Right for Me?

By:  Jessica A. Saldin In a prior post I discussed the effect a long-term physical separation may have on your Colorado divorce case.  A physical separation is not a legal process and simply refers to a period of time when you and your spouse lived apart.  In contrast, though, there is a
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Do I Have to Go to Court to Get Divorced in Colorado?

By: Plog & Stein PC Many people are reluctant, nervous, or even fearful of going to court. This is understandable because most people have never been to court and find the formal setting uncomfortable. Additionally going to court can be inconvenient to people who live far away from the courthouse (sometimes even out
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Colorado Divorce Laws Compared to Other States (Part 2)

By: Michelle L. Searcy In Part 1 of this article, I started venturing into comparing Colorado divorce laws with those of other states, as listed an online divorce article I came across.  I continue my interstate legal the journey in this Part 2, looking at other states and their laws compared to
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Understanding the First Stages of Your Family Law Case

By: Sarah T. McCain When you start a family case, the first document that you will receive from the court is called the Case Management Order. This order often includes a Notice of Initial Status Conference. After working in this field for many years, I continue to be surprised by the number
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Colorado Divorce Laws Compared to Other States (Part 1)

By Michelle L. Searcy While browsing the news one morning, I recently came across an article discussing some “surprising” divorce laws throughout the country and wondered how those laws compare to Colorado laws on the same subjects.  This article, which will be posted in two parts, explores those comparisons. In Arkansas, couples have
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Tips for Dividing Household Items in a Divorce

In my experience, nothing seems to annoy a judge more than being required to allocate who gets the personal property acquired during a marriage – TVs, beds, tables, paintings, etc. Accordingly, most attorneys tell their clients to try figure it out among themselves.  When valuing personal property in a divorce, unlike insurance
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