Our Philosophy

At Plog & Stein, we believe that there are two key components to helping our family law clients: honesty and logic. An important aspect of the attorney-client relationship is honesty. Clients need an attorney who is willing to give them an honest assessment of the case. This includes providing information about probable outcomes and counseling as to what is important to the court. Anyone can tell a client what he or she wants to hear. We strive to assist our clients by giving them a realistic analysis of their cases so that they can make better, informed decisions about how to proceed.

Logic comes into play in any case as well. We believe that each case should be approached from a logical, analytical standpoint and that details matter. In every case, our attorneys strive to assess the case as a whole from a cost/benefit standpoint. Though your case is not a game, any case can be likened to a chess match. Each move on the board matters. As such, the goal is to make the right move at the right time in the process of trying to reach your goals.

In recognition of the fact that not everyone is made of money, particularly in these trying economic times, we also try to approach each case in a financially reasonable and efficient manner. In light of such, we offer competitive retainer rates. Additionally, we seek to cut out fluff or waste and get right down to the core issues in your case. We recognize that the process can get expensive, but believe efficiency can also be imported into the practice of family law without sacrificing on the quality of representation.

The divorce or custody process can be filled with many emotions and challenges for the client as he or she goes through the process. Our hope is to ease your concerns and deal with them in a caring and productive manner. The end goal is what ultimately matters and we are ready to be both your advocates and guides to get you there. At Plog & Stein, we are ready to assist you through these tough and uncertain times.